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Coinage of Americas Conference Proceedings

The Coinage of Americas Conference (COAC) Proceedings draw together like-themed research on a variety of topics in American numismatics.  Sponsored by the American Numismatic Society (ANS), the first formal conference, America's Copper Coinage, took place in 1985.  The forerunner of the series is a group of papers gathered in Studies on Money in Early America (1976).  The regular series is listed below. NNP acknowledges Mark Borckardt for contributing to the series metadata.

1985. America's copper coinage, 1783-1857. COAC no. 1.
1985. America's currency, 1789-1866. COAC no. 2.
1987. America's silver coinage, 1794-1891. COAC no. 3.
1988. (Stahl, Alan M., ed.) The medal in America. COAC no. 4.
1989. (Bischoff, William L., ed.) The coinage of El Perú. COAC no. 5.
1990. (Metcalf, William E., ed.) America's gold coinage. COAC no. 6.
1992. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Money of pre-federal America. COAC no. 7.
1994. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Canada's money. COAC no. 8.
1995. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) America's silver dollars. COAC no. 9.
1995. (Doty, Richard G., ed.) The token: America's other money. COAC no. 10.
1996. (Mossman, Philip L., ed.) Coinage of the American confederation period. COAC no. 11.
1998. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) America's large cent. COAC no. 12.
1999. (Stahl, Alan M., ed.) The medal in America, volume 2. COAC no. 13.
2000. (Kleeberg, John M., ed.) Circulating counterfeits of the Americas. COAC no. 14.
2006. (Doty, Richard G. and John M. Kleeberg, eds.) Money of the Caribbean. COAC no. 15.
2009. (Hoover, Oliver D., ed.) Newby's St. Patrick Coinage. COAC no. 16.


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    America's Copper Coinage-1783-1857: Coinage of the Americas Conference Proceedings No. 1 1985

    America's Copper Coinage-1783-1857: Coinage of the Americas Conference Proceedings No. 1

    Articles as follows:

    Adams, John – Benjamin Collins: A Brief Essay on the People and Traditions of Large Cent Collecting
    Breen, Walter – Robert Scot’s Earliest Device Punches
    Clain-Stefanelli, Elvira – Copper Coinage and the Monetary Economy of the Early United States
    Cohen, David H. – The Randall Hoard
    Cohen, Roger S., Jr. – Original and Restrike Half Cents
    Ewing, George E., Jr. – Origins of Edge Lettering on Early American Copper Coinage
    Gilliland, Cory – Early American Copper Coinage in Relation to the Art and Taste of the Period
    Guth, Ronald J. – The Copper Coinage of Vermont
    Loring, Denis W. – Emission Sequences of Early Cents
    Newman, Eric P. – Circulation of Pre-U.S. Mint Copper Coins in Nineteenth Century America
    Partrick, Donald G. – The Mysterious 1784 “Washington the Great” Coinage
    Reiver, Jules – Attributing the Late Date Large Cents
    Rubin, P. Scott – Auction Appearances and Pedigrees of the 1792 Silver Center Cent
    Smith, Pete 0 United States Turban Cents, 1808-1814
    Tettenhorst, R. – Overstrikes and Other Anomalies on Early Half Cents

    America's Currency 1789-1866: Coinage of the Americas Conference No. 2 1985

    America's Currency 1789-1866: Coinage of the Americas Conference No. 2

    Articles as follows:

    Ball, Douglas B. – The Confederate Currency Reform of 1862
    Carlson, Carl W.A. – The CSA Banking Convention of 1861 and its Delegates
    Clain-Stefanelli, Elvira – An Historian’s View of the State Bank Notes: A Mirror of Life in the Early Republic
    Criswell, Grover C. – Collecting Trends in Obsolete American Currency
    Durand, Roger H. – An Introduction to Obsolete American Currency
    Gilliland, Cory – The Financial Concerns of a Government Employee in the 1840s
    Hessler, Gene – The History and Development of ‘America’ as Symbolized by an American Indian Female
    Jackson, Glenn E. – The Smillie Family: Banknote Artists
    Newman, Eric P. – New York City Small Change Bills of 1814-1816
    Vlack, Robert – Currency in Crisis: America’s Money, 1840-1845
    Williamson, Raymond H. – Lynchburg (VA) City Paper Money of 1862

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