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Stack's [Fixed Price Lists]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries was formed in 2011 as a merger of Stack’s with Bowers & Merena. Stack’s began conducting auction sales in 1935, while Bowers & Merena, the successor firm to Bowers & Ruddy, had their first sale in 1983. Prior to the merger with Bowers & Merena, Stack's merged with American Numismatic Rarities (ANR) in 2008.

The Stack's FPL series is somewhat confusing. Dan Hamelberg described his holdings, probably the most extensive, in a post to E-Sylum (5/17/2020, edited here):

I have a total of 62 lists from 1947 to 1994. I am missing 3 lists from the 40 or so now listed on NNP for the period 1947 - 1994. (Spring 1949 as #44a, Book List 1992, and 1994 Fixed Price List.) I have some 22 lists that are not listed on the NNP. 

The earliest Stack's FPL I have is not dated but I believe is from 1929/1930 with an address of 690 6th Ave., New York. It is a small sized "pocket list" with the front cover title of "Coincorner." I have two other lists from the same address dated 1935 and 1936. 

Some time in the late 30's, Stack's moved to 32 W. 46th St and I have a list dated 1939 at that address. I believe the 1939 list is the first of 76 lists that are numbered consecutively from 1939 to 1970. FPL #28 from January 1943 marks the first FPL from a new address at 12 W. 46th St.  Fixed Price List # 53 (1953) marks the move to 127 W. 57th St.

The run of 76 lists includes two lists numbered 66; one list numbered 66a, one list numbered 44a and a list from 1969 titled "Treasure of 1715." That would suggest a total number of lists in the run as 80. Not all lists in this run are dated. Additionally, there were lists printed during the 39' to 70' period outside of the consecutive numbers. 

I have 6 broadside lists along with other lists that are undated but most likely produced within the period run. I am missing numbers 39, 52, 55, and 59, but some of the undated lists I have might represent some of those numbers. Not sure. There were 4 other early FPL's contained in the Stack's auction catalogs of 4/18/36, 6/13/36, 10/30/36 and 3/19/37. These were 4 page lists at the end of the catalogs. My Stack's FPL run ends in 2006. 

All total, I have 135 Stack's FPL's including the 4 contained in early catalogs. With the 3 lists missing from my collection along with a few more lists unknown to me at this time I would imagine the total number of Stack's FPL's produced from the start to 2006 will total over 135.


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    The Excessively Rare 1855 Kellogg & Company Fifty Dollar Gold PIece 1985

    The Excessively Rare 1855 Kellogg & Company Fifty Dollar Gold PIece

    Fixed price offering of a Kellogg fifty-dollar gold piece. Publication date is approximate.

    The Rarest Set of Gold Coins in the World 1985

    The Rarest Set of Gold Coins in the World

    Fixed price offering of a type set of Saint Gaudens pieces, 1907-1908, including two ultra-high relief twenties, two high relief twenties, two Arabic date 1907s, a 1908 Saint, 1907 wire and rolled edge tens, a 1907 No Motto eagle, and a 1908 With Motto eagle. Eleven coins total. Publication date is approximate.

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